At the airport      



Find out about customs regulations and security procedures that apply to travellers when preparing to enter or exit countries.

Pre- boarding Screening

To make the mandatory pre-boarding screening process as smooth as possible, you can do the following:

  • Make sure to go through the pre-boarding screening checkpoint well in advance of your flight, especially during peak periods.
  • Please leave your empty baggage trolley outside the pre-boarding screening checkpoint.
  • Only passengers are allowed in the pre-boarding screening checkpoint, unless other arrangements have been made in special circumstances.
  • Always have your photo ID or passport and boarding pass available and open to show officials.

Be aware that any metal object detected at the pre-boarding screening checkpoint must be identified. As you proceed through the walk-through metal detector, you may be required to undergo additional screening, which may include a physical search of your person.

You can save time by not wearing metal items or by placing such items in your carry-on baggage before you get in line but you can also remove metal items at the security checkpoint and place them in the tray provided. Your carry-on baggage and trays will go through an X-ray machine and will be carefully examined by a screening officer. You may also be asked to authorize the screening officer to open your baggage for a further examination.

Security requirements vary from country to country. Contact your travel agent, the nearest Fly Mid Africa ticket office or Customer Care for current security requirements of countries you are planning to transfer through or visit.

Other advice

When you are at the airport:

  • Never joke or make “small talk” about bombs, firearms or other weapons.
  • Do not accept parcels or letters from strangers for delivery to persons at your point of destination. Never carry anything onto a plane on behalf of strangers.
  • Never leave your luggage unattended.
  • If you see an unattended or suspicious bag or package report it to airport security staff immediately.

You and your possessions may be subject to random screening prior to boarding the aircraft or on-board.


Custom Regulations

Customs regulations and procedures that apply to travelers entering or exiting countries vary from one country to another and are revised frequently. Contact your travel agent, the nearest Fly Mid Africa ticket office or Customer Care for current customs regulations which apply in the countries you are planning to visit.

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