Before your flight      


Passengers with uncomplicated pregnancies may travel on flights operated by Fly Mid Africa until the end of 32nd week of the pregnancy.

The expectant mother must carry a medical certificate – from the 28th week – stating that is an uncomplicated pregnancy and confirming the number of weeks of pregnancy. The doctor’s letter must also state that the pregnancy does not constitute a reason not to fly.


Important recommendations:

Arrive at the airport in good time in order to carry out all boarding procedures and transfer within the airport in a relaxed manner.

Request an aisle seat to make trips to restrooms and short strolls easier, especially on long-haul flights.

Fly Mid Africa will not knowingly carry a new mother within 7 days after delivery.

Newborn Babies

Fly Mid Africa will not carry a new born baby within 7 days after birth, except that a baby born prematurely is considered MEDA and requires a medical clearance. The new baby must be accompanied by mother or an able bodied adult companion.


Medical Assistance

Some medical services are subject to extra charges and must be requested and paid for before the departure date. Acceptance is subject to certain conditions. For further information please contact our Customer Service Center.

Medical Cases – MEDA

Passengers requiring special assistance on board are considered Medical Cases (MEDA). Medical case exists if a passenger has a medical condition resulting in dependence on others or requiring personalized assistance.

If you have a specific clinical condition, a serious or debilitating illness, a Medical Information Fitness to Travel – MEDIF, must be filled in by your doctor. MEDIF must be sent to the company to be analyzed by the airline’s medical services. So, please send the MEDIF to our customer service at

Passengers travelling as medical cases on a stretcher are subject to special conditions:

  • They must be accompanied by a physician or paramedic.
  • When in transit payment for an ambulance to transfer the passenger from one to another plane is required.

The booking must indicate:

  • Details of the ambulance on departure and arrival (corporation/hospital of origin and destination).
  • Contact information for the passenger or escort at the place of departure.
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