What is my luggage allowance?

Checked in baggage includes all items that are weighed and carried in the aircraft’s hold and therefore not accessible to passengers during flight, passengers are allowed a 30kg luggage for economy class and (2×23)kg for business class. It must consist of suitcases or containers that are sufficiently rigid and resistant to the stress caused by normal handling so as to ensure safe transport without special requirements.

There is no checked-in baggage allowance for infants, only hand baggage will be accepted.

What is my cabin luggage allowance?

In addition to the checked luggage, every passenger is allowed hand baggage of ONE PIECE weighing a maximum of 6 kg for economy and 10kg for business class on all our flights. If you are carrying an infant, you will be allowed to check-in one stroller and carry on a child-care bag, containing items necessary for taking care of the infant for the duration of the flight.

Can I carry excess luggage?

You will be required to pay an extra charge for carriage of baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance (as stipulated in our conditions and limitations). Excess baggage charges are collected in the local currency. Carriage of excess baggage is subject to available space on flight. The total number of bags allowed for any passenger is up to 10 pieces.

What are the items prohibited in my checked luggage?

Passengers are not permitted to carry the following items in checked baggage:

  • Briefcases with alarm devices installed.
  • Gases (inflammable, non-inflammable and poisonous) such as camping gases.
  • Inflammable liquids, such as lighter-fuels, varnishes and thinners.
  • Lighters with non-absorbable gases (except liquid-gas) and their relative refills.
  • Explosives, ammunition, fireworks and rockets.
  • Flammable solids such as ‘strike anywhere’ matches and highly inflammable items.
  • Substances which emit inflammable gases on contact with water.
  • Mercury thermometers or similar items (except a small one for personal use).
  • Oxidizing materials (such as bleaching powder and peroxide), infectious and poisonous materials.
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Corrosive materials (such as mercury, acids and alkali).
  • Magnetized and other dangerous materials.

What to do if my luggage is delayed or damaged?

Whilst we will make every attempt to ensure your luggage is handled with care, you should be aware that a limit is imposed on Fly Mid Africa’s liability for loss, delay or damage to baggage unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges paid.

The airline does not accept liability for fragile, valuable, perishable articles or baggage which is packed in damaged or unsuitable containers. We strongly recommend all passengers obtain adequate travel insurance cover prior to commencing their journey. Should you find that your baggage is damaged or has not arrived, please contact the Fly Mid Africa staff (or our handling agents) immediately. Details of your baggage will be taken and you will be offered immediate assistance. If your baggage has been delayed, arrangements will be made to have it delivered to your local address, provided it is within the airport city, when it arrives.

What do I do if I need to make a luggage claim?

Notice of missing baggage, damage, or pilferage of checked baggage must be given to Fly Mid Africa at the airport within 4 hours of the arrival of your flight. To help us process your claim quickly, please complete and enclose the following documentation:

  • Property Irregularity Report (PIR)
  • A copy of your travel ticket and baggage tag Checked-in luggage receipt if any
  • A detailed list of the missing luggage items
  • Receipts of the contents of the baggage
  • A copy of the MCO of declaration of value, if made, and in the case where excess baggage was paid.

When making your report for delayed or damaged, and provide your flight confirmation number and copies of any relevant receipts, please be advised that replacement receipts cannot be accepted for damage baggage claims. We strongly recommend that passengers retain all original receipts applicable to their baggage claim. Any damaged items must be retained by the passenger until the claim has been finalized by the airline or insurance company.

Under Fly Mid Africa’s General Conditions of Carriage we accept no liability for the loss of money, jewelry, precious metals, tobacco products, keys, cameras, computers, medicines, spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses, watches, mobile phones, personal electronic devices, negotiable papers, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents or samples either on your person or in your cabin baggage.

Upon receipt of your claim, claims for damaged baggage will be processed within 14 working days. Claims for lost baggage will be processed within 28 working days (to allow for a full trace to be completed on the lost baggage). Fly Mid Africa does not accept any responsibility for personal belongings misplaced or lost on board the aircraft or in the airport terminal. Any items found on board are forwarded directly to the lost property offices at the destination airport.

Are there arrangements or assistance for special needs?

Yes, special needs (e.g. requests for wheelchairs) must be requested at the time of booking and no less than 24 hours before your flight’s departure. Please report to the airport at least 45 minutes before check-in closure time. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

Up to what time can I check in?

Fly Mid Africa check-in counters open 3 hours for all flights.

At check-in, please present your passport and ticket together with anything else you were asked at the time of booking to bring with you, such as your company ID card.

All passengers must have completed check-in for their Fly Mid Africa flight prior to the check-in closure 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Prompt closure of check-in at all airports is standard Fly Mid Africa policy, to ensure our flights depart on time.

We strictly adhere to this policy. Please allow ample time for check-in completion.

Does Fly Mid Africa accept guests on board requiring dedicated medical attention or assistance during flight?

Yes, Fly Mid Africa may accept medical cases on board but any such requests should be made at the time of the reservation to allow appropriate instructions to be given by a Fly Mid Africa staff member. This instruction will concern medical certification, any charges which may apply and any requirement for the guest to be accompanied.

Is it possible to use a laptop on the aircraft?

Yes, laptops can be used onboard Fly Mid Africa’s aircraft, but only once the aircraft has reached cruising altitude and then after obtaining permission from the cabin crew.

Can I change a flight date, time or route?

It depends on the ticket’s restrictions. Please refer to the fare conditions that accompany your booking.

Can I pay online?

Yes, by credit or visa cards.

Can I still travel if my passport is due to expire soon?

Passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of intended travel.

How do I reschedule my booking? Are there penalties attached?

You can reschedule your booking by contacting our reservations office or contacting your local Fly Mid Africa office. Note that a penalty fee may be charged for rescheduling of flights

Can I smoke on the aircraft?

No! Smoking is not allowed on all Fly Mid Africa flights.

How do I know when there is a promotional fare?

All promotional fare information will be flashed/scrolled at header of the Fly Mid Africa website homepage.

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